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Ventura Divorce Attorney – Law Office of Robert M. Baskin

Ventura Divorce Lawyers at the Law Office of Attorney Robert Baskin provide skilled legal services to individuals as they navigate one of life’s most difficult events. As a full-service Divorce Law Firm in Ventura for almost 40 years, we have been successfully guiding clients who are making the transition from married life to one of independence. Because the divorce process is often complicated, especially when children are involved, our experienced Divorce Attorneys strive to smooth out the details and find the most cost-effective, efficient resolution to your marriage.

Contact us online or call a Divorce Attorney in Ventura with the Law Office of Robert Baskin at (805) 658-1000. Our Family Law Firm offers a free initial consultation to each new client. At this confidential meeting, a knowledgeable Divorce Lawyer will evaluate your situation and offer the most appropriate legal options that will help you achieve your goals and get the desired results.

Our Divorce Lawyers in Ventura recognize that divorce usually takes an emotional toll on all those involved. We strive to reduce that level of stress by working diligently and maintaining a close Divorce Attorney-client relationship. The trusted staff at our Ventura Divorce Law Firm responds promptly to client phone calls and emails. Under the guidance of an experienced Divorce Attorney in Ventura, you will always be kept informed about actions taken on your case. Having a Divorce Law Firm with almost four decades’ experience will be an advantage to you.  Our Divorce Lawyers in Ventura strive to achieve the best results for clients so you are able to quickly and peacefully move forward in life.

Divorce Lawyer in Ventura

The Ventura Divorce Attorneys with the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin provide skilled legal representation in a variety of Divorce and Family Law matters, including the following:

Complex Divorce – When a divorce involves complicated issues such as separate property assets being commingled, hidden assets that need investigating, or an international kidnapping by a parent, our experienced Divorce Lawyer in Ventura will diligently work to achieve successful resolutions.

Contested Divorces – Our Divorce Attorneys are committed to obtaining effective outcomes in cases where the parties have been unable to resolve their disagreements through either settlement negotiations or divorce mediation.

Division of Marital Assets and Debts – The Ventura Divorce Law Firm of Robert M. Baskin assists clients with the equitable and fair division of marital debts and community property.

Divorce Litigation – When a settlement cannot be reached, our Divorce Attorney in Ventura won’t hesitate to take your case to trial so the disagreements of both parties will be decided in a Family Law court. Ventura Family Law Attorney Robert M. Baskin

Divorce Mediation – The Law Firm of Ventura Divorce Lawyer Robert Baskin helps clients peacefully resolve their marriage by settling all divorce related issues with a divorce mediator and a skilled negotiator.

Divorce Settlement Negotiation – In order to avoid a highly emotional and financially taxing divorce, our experienced Divorce Attorneys will negotiate a settlement agreement with the opposing party’s legal counsel.

Draft Marital Settlement Agreement – Our knowledgeable Divorce Lawyers in Ventura are prepared to review and draft your Marital Settlement Agreement to include financial arrangements, spousal support, child visitation, and property settlement.

High Asset Divorce – If your complex divorce involves high assets, our experienced Ventura Divorce Attorneys determine asset locations through an exhaustive discovery process to accurately ascertain the scope of the marital estate.

Initiating Divorce Proceedings – Our skilled Divorce Lawyers handle the filing of all divorce-related paperwork, including matters relating to children.

No-Asset Divorce – We provide skilled legal representation in all divorce cases, including those that involve spouses with very few accumulated assets.

Uncontested Divorce – When both parties settle their marital discord in a harmonious way, our knowledgeable Divorce Attorney in Ventura provides professional legal assistance to help clients avoid potentially detrimental situations in the future.

The skilled Ventura Divorce Attorneys at the Law Office of Robert Baskin strive to settle divorce cases through mediation and comprehensive settlement negotiations. In cases where the divorcing parties cannot reach a satisfactory compromise, our Divorce Lawyers in Ventura are experienced litigators and will bring your case before a Family Court judge.

We take pride in providing compassionate, yet aggressive representation to individuals involved in divorce proceedings. When your legal issues involve divorce-related matters such as child support, child custody, spousal support, or child visitation, our Divorce Attorneys will efficiently and cost-effectively handle all the paperwork in order to reduce the stress in your life.

Contact a Skilled Divorce Law Firm in Ventura

If you are looking for a Divorce Attorney to assist with your uncontested divorce, or if you need a Divorce Lawyer in Ventura for experienced legal representation in your multi-million dollar, high asset divorce with complex issues, the Divorce Law Firm of Robert M. Baskin is ready to help. The Law Office of Robert M. Baskin has been providing legal guidance to clients in Ventura County, California for almost 40 years.

Please contact us online or call an experienced Divorce Lawyer at (805) 658-1000. Make your appointment for a no-cost, confidential consultation in our office.

We are conveniently situated in Ventura. As a leading Family Law and Divorce Law Firm, the Law Offices of Robert M. Baskin has been assisting clients for almost four decades to achieve favorable outcomes in divorce matters.

Law Office of Robert M. Baskin - Divorce FAQ

Do I Need a Reason to Divorce?

No. In California, divorcing spouses do not need to identify a reason for the divorce. California has a no-fault divorce process. This means that neither spouse needs to prove the other spouse caused the divorce to happen. People can get a divorce simply by stating that the marriage has irrevocably broken down and cannot be repaired. However, you must have been a resident of California for at least six months and a resident of the county in which you file for divorce for at least three months before you can file for divorce. There are many other considerations necessary when filing for divorce, and it is wise to obtain skilled guidance from an experienced divorce attorney.

How Does A Person Get Divorced in Ventura County?

The divorce process begins when one spouse files the appropriate paperwork with the court. A divorce can occur even when only one spouse agrees to it. The filing and serving of paperwork needs to be completed in a manner prescribed by the court. The other party has a short amount of time to file a response in court. If this process is not completed accurately, it must be started over from the beginning. If the process is completed accurately, both parties enter negotiation to reach an agreement for the division of property, child custody, child support, and spousal support. Because there are many decisions to be made that have a lasting impact on the entire family, it may be in your best interest to consult an experienced divorce attorney for guidance.

How Long Does Spousal Support Last in California?

In California, the length of time that spousal support, also sometimes known as alimony, will last can depend on several factors, including how long the couple was married and the earning capacity of each spouse. If the marriage lasted for under 10 years, the court may order support for a time equal to one-half the duration of the marriage. If the marriage lasted 10 years or more, the court has more discretion to order spousal support for an indefinite period of time. In these cases, the court will consider a variety of factors to determine the appropriate length of time for spousal support, including the age and health of each spouse, established standard of living, and earning capacity of each spouse. When significant economic changes occur, a request to modify the spousal support order may be granted.

When is divorce mediation beneficial?

Divorce mediation can be a good idea in California in situations where the parties are able to communicate effectively and are willing to work together to reach a mutually acceptable settlement of their divorce-related issues. Mediation can be a faster, less expensive, and less contentious alternative to litigation, and it can allow the parties to have more control over the outcome of their case. Mediation is a voluntary process, and both parties must agree to participate. The parties work with a neutral third party, called a mediator, who helps with communication to negotiate an agreement on issues such as property division, child custody and support, and spousal support. Consulting with an experienced family law attorney will help you understand whether divorce mediation will be beneficial for your situation.

How Can I Prepare for a Divorce?

If you are considering divorce, there are several things you can do to prepare which can help you feel less stressed and more in control of the situation. First, gather important documents such as financial statements, tax returns, insurance policies, and property deeds. You will need these documents to help determine the division of assets and debts in the divorce. Then. create a budget for yourself to get a sense of your financial situation. This will help you understand what you can afford after the divorce. In addition, you will also need to know your rights. Educate yourself about California’s divorce process and your rights under the law because you will need to make informed decisions and protect your interests. Speak with an experienced family law attorney to understand your options and obtain guidance on how to proceed with the divorce.

What Should A Person Avoid During a Divorce?

During a divorce, it is important to avoid certain actions that can complicate the process or harm your legal position. Your attorney can provide guidance to help you secure your personal property and finances while remaining within the boundary of the law. Actions to avoid during a divorce can include hiding assets to shield them from division in the divorce. This can result in serious consequences. Another action to avoid is incurring debt or taking on new debts without discussing them with your spouse or consulting with an attorney. When children are involved, it is best to avoid speaking negatively about the other spouse. It is also important to follow the court’s orders. Failing to follow court orders may increase conflict and prolong the divorce process.