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In cases accepted on contingency, there are no hourly attorney fees or out-of-pocket expenses, excluding the actual costs related to the lawsuit.

Our attorneys pursue maximum compensation for clients in exchange for a percentage of the amount recovered.

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Ventura Estate Planning and Probate Law Firm

Ventura Estate Planning and Probate Attorneys at the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin have been helping clients with their Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Trust Litigation and Probate matters for more than 40 years.

Whether you want to draft a comprehensive Estate Plan that will minimize tax liability while maximizing the protection of your hard earned assets, require representation during the Probate Process, or are involved in Trust Litigation or Probate Litigation, our seasoned and experienced Ventura Estate Lawyers can help you. Please contact us at (805) 658-1000 to make an appointment for your confidential, complimentary in office consultation.

Our team of highly dedicated Estate, Trust and Probate Attorneys understand the difficult decisions that our clients must make when deciding how to protect their hard-earned assets in case of illness, incapacitation or death, and strive to ease the stress by paying close attention to their wishes and needs.

Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Lawyers in Ventura

At the Ventura Law Office of Robert M. Baskin, our skilled Estate Planning Attorneys and Probate Lawyers offer our clientele professional, quality representation in a broad range of Estate Planning & Probate matters, including the following areas of practice:Ventura Estate Planning Attorney Robert M. Baskin

Asset Protection – Knowledgeable Asset Protection Planning to ensure that everything our clients have worked their entire lives to build passes to their heirs and beneficiaries with minimal tax consequences. Asset Protection Trusts / Dynasty Trusts can drastically reduce estate taxes, gift taxes, generation-skipping taxes, and also protect assets that are placed in the Dynasty Trust / Asset Protection Trust from creditor’s claims.

Estate Planning  – Ventura Estate Planning Lawyers at the Law Office of Robert Baskin have been helping clients create comprehensive Estate Plans for more than 40 years. When you schedule an appointment for a free consultation with one of our caring, knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorneys, we will meet with you to determine your needs and thoroughly review all of your Estate Planning options. This will help you make intelligent, informed decisions regarding how to structure your Estate Plan to not only ensure that your assets pass to your loved ones and beneficiaries, but also protect your assets in case of incapacitation. Contact us today at (805) 658-1000.

Probate  – Helping parties probate estates in and around Ventura since 1975, Probate Attorneys at the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin have the experience necessary to help clients navigate the complex and quite often lengthy probate process. Our skilled lawyers will work diligently to move the probate process along as quickly as is possible. This includes opening Probate, overseeing the validation / invalidation of the decedent’s will, or providing representation during intestacy hearings if the decedent died without a will (or a valid will).

Probate Litigation – Comprehensive representation in Probate Litigation cases, including disputes between beneficiaries, disputes over the distribution of assets, matters involving breach of fiduciary duty, the recovery of estate assets, and will contests based on fraud, incapacity, and undue influence. Call (805) 658-1000 to make an appointment for a free in office consultation.

Trust Litigation – Whether you are the creator of a trust, the beneficiary of a trust, or the administrator of a trust, Ventura Lawyers at the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin provide skilled legal counsel and representation in Trust Litigation and Trust Disputes. The majority of trust disputes arise from trustees making errors or breaching their fiduciary duties. Under the law, trustees are required to prudently and wisely invest the assets of the trust, take a complete inventory of all trust assets, obtain accurate valuation of all trust assets, provide beneficiaries with precise accountings, and distribute property and monies according to the terms set forth in the trust. If you are presently involved in a trust dispute, have questions about the duties of a trustee, or are confused about trust administration and want to take steps to prevent litigation, we can help!

Contact Experienced Ventura Estate Planning, Probate & Trust Attorneys Today

At the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin, our compassionate and experienced lawyers have been helping clients in a wide variety of Estate Planning, Probate, Probate Litigation & Trust Litigation matters for more than 40 years. Contact us at (805) 658-1000 to schedule an appointment for a confidential, complimentary in office consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

Whether you need to establish a trust, draft a will, obtain information about protecting the assets that you have spent a lifetime working hard to accumulate, contest a will or a trust, or need effective representation in Estate Litigation, Ventura Estate Attorneys are here to help! Let us put our experience to work for you!

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