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Ventura Probate Litigation Attorney Robert Baskin

Ventura Probate Litigation Lawyers at The Law Office of Robert M. Baskin have been providing comprehensive legal representation to clients embroiled in Estate & Probate Litigation disputes in and around Ventura for nearly 40 years.

Our highly knowledgeable Probate Litigation Lawyers in Ventura are proud to provide quality, caring legal representation to clients during this extremely stressful and emotional time in their lives, and we always place the best interests of our clients above and beyond all else.

Tensions always run high after the death of a loved one, and the smallest conflicts can result in extremely contentious Probate Litigation. Whether you are a beneficiary, executor, or unnamed heir and need a skilled Probate Litigation Attorney, contact us by calling (805) 658-1000 to schedule a free consultation with one of the area’s most highly respected Estate & Probate Litigation Law Firms.

Located in Ventura, our Probate Litigation Lawyers proudly represent clients throughout the region. Call today for an honest, up-front assessment.

Probate Litigation Representation in Ventura

Whether you want to contest the validity of a will, believe that the executor has breached his or her fiduciary duty, or are fighting to uphold the terms set forth in a Last Will & Testament, we are here to help you.  

Aside from contesting the validity of a will, interested parties may dispute specific provisions within the will itself, and may ask the Court to clarify these provisions by calling witnesses to testify as to the testamentary intent of the deceased.

When disputes arise, we encourage our clients to participate in alternative dispute resolution and settlement negotiations. However, when negotiations are impractical or futile, our highly esteemed Ventura Probate Litigation Lawyers possess the skill required to take your case to trial.

Ventura Probate Litigation Attorneys at The Law Office of Robert M. Baskin represent clients in a wide variety of Probate Litigation matters, including:Ventura Probate Litigation Attorney

Allegations of Fraud

Allegations of Revocation Prior to Death

Allegations of Undue Influence

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Conflicting Clauses & Language in the Will

Contesting Fiduciary Accountings

Defending against Creditor Claims

Disputes among Beneficiaries

Disputes between Beneficiaries & the Executor

Distribution Disputes

Lack of Testamentary Capacity

Recovery of Estate Assets

Removing an Executor

Self-Dealing by the Executor

Valuation Disputes

Will Contests

Our vast experience in Probate and Probate Litigation provides our Ventura Attorneys with the knowledge to make an accurate and honest case analysis. Because Probate Litigation can become quite costly, our Attorneys will thoroughly review all of the options with our clients and educate them prior to proceeding to Litigation so they are able to make intelligent and informed decisions.

Contact a Ventura Probate Litigation Lawyer for a Free Consultation

At the Ventura Law Firm of Probate Litigation Attorney Robert Baskin, we strive to always remain informed regarding the most recent changes to Probate Law & Procedures so you can rest assured placing your confidence in our knowledge and skill.

Please complete our Probate Litigation Case Evaluation Form.

For immediate assistance call (805) 658-1000 and set up your complimentary, comprehensive in-office consultation. Let us help you through this difficult period in your life so you can move forward. Since 1975, we have been proudly representing Estate & Probate clients in Ventura and all surrounding communities.

Probate Litigation