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Business Law Information Sheet | The Law Office of Robert Baskin

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Business law involves the full spectrum of legal matters relating to businesses and commercial operations. It is a broad area of the law, covering a wide range of legal matters. An experienced business attorney can handle the diverse legal needs of companies of all sizes. From forming a new business entity to filing resolutions to dissolve a business in California, business lawyers help businesses comply with numerous state, federal, and local regulations. If you are a business owner, corporate manager, entrepreneur, or involved in any kind of business matter, it is critical that you are aware of your obligations and rights prior to making important decisions. A skilled business lawyer can provide comprehensive legal services to protect your business and help you find successful resolution to legal disputes.

Solid Business Contracts are Critical to Success

The business contract lays out the specifics of each business’ relationships. It is a legally binding document between at least two parties that are involved in the purchase or sale of goods or services.  Contracts may be between a company and its employees, vendors, management teams, suppliers, and others. In a business contract, one party extends some type of arrangement in return for something else from the other party. All parties must agree to the terms and conditions of the contract which have been negotiated in advance.

Business contracts commonly involve employment agreements, purchase or sell agreements, and leasing contracts. Once the contract is formalized, both sides must carry out the specified duties identified in the contract. A well-written contract can be legally enforced. A business lawyer can employ sound legal concepts and strategies to help clients grow and strengthen their business through solid contracts.

Plan an Exit Strategy Through Business Dissolution

There are times when a business owner must dissolve the business entity. When a business is dissolved, it must end operations because it is no longer recognized by the state. Sometimes dissolution of a business is voluntary, and sometimes it is an involuntary action. Regardless of the circumstances, a knowledgeable business attorney can assist in this process to ensure it proceeds smoothly and the risk of liability is mitigated. Registrations, licenses, permits, business names, financial obligations, and many other items need to be effectively managed when a business is dissolved.

It is necessary for a business owner to finish the formalities involved in dissolving the company. If the appropriate documents are not properly completed and filed with the state, the business will still technically exist in the eyes of the law. This means that it will still be subject to regular filing requirements and taxation. Missing these requirements can result in the owner being liable for penalties, taxes, and fines.

Business Formation Establishes a New Business Entity

If you are planning to start a business, it will be necessary to understand the business formation process. There are numerous legal considerations and decisions which can impact your business operations for years to come. The type of business entity you choose must be appropriate for the needs of your unique company. There are different requirements for each legal structure. Common business entity choices include general partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), limited liability corporation (LLC), sole proprietorship, s-corporation, and c-corporation.

The organization of your business can also position your company for success while shielding you from personal liability. Among other things, the entity type will determine the amount of taxes paid, the amount of capital you can raise, the manner and allocation of profits and losses, and the type of paperwork your company will be required to file. Guidance from an experienced business attorney can help you make informed decisions when establishing a new business venture.

Business Litigation Resolves Business Disputes

Commercial enterprises face numerous challenges in the regular course of business operations. Lawsuits and business disputes can arise at any time for many reasons. Addressing the issue early may benefit the company by reducing the length of time and the costs involved in the resolution process. Through business litigation, attorneys work to manage conflicts and help clients resolve a wide range of legal disputes. If your company has been served with a lawsuit, a business litigation lawyer can protect the company’s interests while helping position the company for success.

The business dispute may be settled through negotiation or mediation efforts. If not, the matter may be resolved through a trial. The litigation process is complex and may involve an attorney and legal team presenting motions, combing through documents, interviewing witnesses, investigating evidence, filing for appeals, and more. By having a skilled business litigation attorney involved in handling the details of the business dispute, a business owner can remain focused on daily operations.

Contact a Skilled Business Law Attorney

The Law Offices of Robert Baskin helps businesses and commercial clients to achieve legal objectives through strategic handling of legal affairs. Our business attorneys have extensive experience advocating for your professional and personal interests. Our business law firm offers practical solutions that help clients reduce the costs and time involved in resolving legal matters. Call (805) 658-1000 and arrange a complimentary consultation.