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In cases accepted on contingency, there are no hourly attorney fees or out-of-pocket expenses, excluding the actual costs related to the lawsuit.

Our attorneys pursue maximum compensation for clients in exchange for a percentage of the amount recovered.

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Newbury Park Family Law Attorneys, Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Attorneys and Family Law Lawyers at the Family Law Firm of Robert M. Baskin provide aggressive, skilled legal representation in Newbury Park and in all of California. Each Family Law Attorney and Divorce Lawyer at our firm has the required knowledge and experience to help you cost-effectively and efficiently resolve your family law matter or divorce.Ojai Attorney Robert M. Baskin

Contact a Newbury Park Family Law Attorney at 805-658-1000 and arrange for your no-cost consultation with a compassionate and highly knowledgeable Family Law Attorney. At this initial meeting, a qualified Divorce Lawyer or Family Law Lawyer will perform a comprehensive review of your situation, discuss your legal objectives, and establish a plan for achieving your goals.

Our Newbury Park Family Law Lawyers and Divorce Attorneys take pride in providing excellent client communications by replying and responding to client inquiries in a timely fashion. We will always keep you informed about the progress of your case.

The Newbury Park Family Law Firm of Lawyer Robert Baskin offers quality legal counsel and representation in many practice areas.

Divorce and Complex Divorce Cases

As experienced Divorce Attorneys, we know that divorce can have a devastating effect on your family. We are committed to helping clients find effective and efficient resolutions to these legal matters by looking ahead to reduce future potential conflict and legal actions.

Our Divorce Lawyers have four decades of experience handling legal matters regarding divorce, including: complex divorce, contested divorces, divorce litigation, divorce mediation, divorce settlement negotiation, marital settlement agreements, high asset divorce, initiation of divorce proceedings, no-asset divorce, and uncontested divorce.

Please call a skilled Newbury Park Divorce Attorney at 805-658-1000 for a free consultation today.

Child Support and Spousal Support

Divorce-related issues often turn emotional for the entire family. The guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable Newbury Park Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Lawyer is critical in getting the matters successfully resolved so you can move forward with your life.

In California, the family court uses several factors to determine the amount of child support and spousal support. Our skilled Child Support Attorneys and Spousal Support Lawyers work hard to ensure all appropriate information is included.

As experienced Child Support Lawyers, we handle the following: initial establishment of child support, representation during enforcement actions by Department of Child Support Services, and in actions regarding the determination of child support arrears.

Our Spousal Support Attorneys handle all aspects of spousal support, including the initial determination, disputes involving spousal support, and arrearage matters.

Child Custody, Child Visitation, and Parenting Plans

Decisions regarding child custody, child visitation, and parenting plans are sensitive in nature and have a significant impact on the family. California family law courts weigh the best interests of the child when making these determinations.

Our Child Custody Attorneys and Child Visitation Lawyers handle all aspects of child custody and child visitation matters, including the initial determination of legal custody and physical custody, and post-judgment modifications. Our Child Visitation Attorneys and Child Custody Lawyers work diligently to draft comprehensive and effective parenting plans that reflect the child’s best interests.

Domestic Violence

As skilled Family Law Lawyers and Domestic Violence Attorneys, we represent these victims as they seek protective orders from the abuse of a spouse, or partner. Our Domestic Violence Lawyers also provide representation to individuals who face wrongful allegations of domestic violence from a former spouse who is looking to gain an upper hand in divorce or child custody proceedings.

Grandparents’ Rights

California Law allows grandparents to secure custody or visitation of grandchildren in certain situations. Our experienced Grandparents’ Rights Lawyers represent all parties involved in these disputes. If you are a grandparent attempting to establish visitation, temporary custody, or permanent custody rights, contact our Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys for skilled legal assistance.

Post-Judgment Modifications

When changes occur after legal orders are established, our Post-Judgment Modification Attorneys and Family Law Attorneys can help. If your financial situation is significantly altered or if a parental relationship is impacting a child’s safety or well-being, contact our Post-Judgment Modification Lawyers to seek Child Support Modifications or Spousal Support Modifications, Child Custody Modifications, and Child Visitation Modifications.

Property Division

As skilled Property Division Attorneys and Divorce Attorneys at the Family Law Firm of Robert M. Baskin, we assist with the equitable division of marital property after legal separation or divorce. California’s community property laws ensure all marital property acquired during the marriage is divided equally. This pertains to both assets and debts. Our Property Division Lawyers for Newbury Park have extensive experience achieving property settlement in complex property matters and high value marital estates.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

If you have been asked to sign a pre-marital or post-marital agreement, contact our Prenuptial Agreements Attorneys and Postnuptial Agreement Lawyers for assistance. We review, draft, and revise these agreements which detail financial support and property division if the marriage ends in divorce. Contact our Prenuptial Agreements Lawyers and Postnuptial Agreements Attorneys for skilled legal assistance in protecting assets and limiting the liabilities that may come with marriage.

Contact a Skilled Family Law Attorney for Newbury Park, California

When you retain the Newbury Park Family Law Firm of Robert M. Baskin, our team of experienced Family Law Attorneys and Divorce Lawyers work vigorously to provide compassionate legal representation for you. We are seasoned negotiators and highly skilled litigators who first try to resolve conflicts peacefully. However, if settlement or mediation tactics are unsuccessful, we have abundant experience in taking these cases to trial.

Please submit our Family Law Case Evaluation Form, or call 805-658-1000 to arrange for your confidential consultation with an experienced Newbury Park Family Law Lawyer.

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