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Camarillo Employment Attorney

Law Office of Robert Baskin

Employment Law Lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert M. Baskin serve Camarillo and Southern California with zealous and experienced legal representation for women and men who are involved in employment disputes. Since 1972, our Camarillo Employment Attorneys have been diligently fighting to protect the rights and preserve the interests of each client.

Camarillo Employment Law Attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert Baskin skillfully tackle these matters in an efficient way. Whether you are looking for assistance in a Disability Discrimination case, a Family and Medical Leave Violation, a Sexual Harassment issue, a case involving Wrongful Termination, or a Trade Secrets or Whistleblower matter, call our Employment Lawyer at 805-658-1000 to take action today.

Camarillo Employment Law Attorneys handle Workplace Disputes

Our Employment Law Firm has gained respect in the region because we understand how valuable your career and employment status is to your life. Please contact our skilled Camarillo Employment Law Lawyers online or by telephone to arrange for a confidential meeting. Your case will be thoroughly reviewed and we will address your questions and concerns. Our honest analysis of your case will include a strategy designed to achieve your legal goals.

After retaining the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin, clients are kept informed of developments and progress in their case. Our Employment Attorneys for Camarillo respond to client concerns promptly either by email or telephone.

Employment Law Cases in Camarillo, California

Our seasoned Employment Law Attorneys have extensive experience helping clients resolve a wide variety of complex employment law matters, including the following:

Disability Discrimination: Employers must not discriminate based on a person’s disability. The ADA (Americans with Disability Act) and the CA Fair Employment Housing Act provide legal protection for employees with any physical or mental disability. Employers must provide reasonable adaptations for disabled workers. Contact Disability Discrimination Attorney and ADA Accommodations Lawyer Baskin if you’ve been the victim of disability discrimination.

Employment Disputes: Camarillo Employment Dispute Lawyer Robert Baskin diligently works to bring legal action against employers in workplace disputes, including:

As an experienced Employment Dispute Attorney for Camarillo, Mr. Baskin will first make significant efforts to settle your employment dispute matter. If those negotiation attempts fail, Employment Dispute Lawyer Robert Baskin will vigorously fight for your rights in court.

Medical and Family Leave Act Violations: The law guarantees a specific period of time off for employees who are in certain situations. Employers must not refuse access to this time off during the adoption or birth of an employee’s child, or where the employee or a family member has been diagnosed with a severe condition which requires treatment. Call Family Leave Violation Lawyer Robert Baskin for more information. Family and Medical Leave Lawyer Baskin offers answers and in-depth analysis on these cases for clients in Camarillo and surrounding communities.

Hostile Workplace Environment: A hostile workplace environment can seriously impact the self-esteem, job productivity, and the health of an employee. If a manager or employer supports hostile workplace environments by failing to stop discrimination or harassment, the employer is in violation of the law and can be held financially accountable. Camarillo Employment Attorney Baskin represents victims of workplace harassment and workplace discrimination. Please call 805-658-1000 to find out how the skills and knowledge of Employment Lawyer Robert Baskin can help to resolve your situation.

Sexual Harassment: Workplace demands for sexual behavior, suggestive remarks, retaliatory threats, requests for sexual favors, and a broad range of unwanted behaviors are by law prohibited in the workplace. Sexual Harassment Attorney Baskin has nearly 40 years’ experience protecting workers from this kind of gender discrimination in the workplace. Sexual Harassment Lawyer Robert Baskin works vigorously to settle and litigate these matters for employees in Camarillo.

Trade Secrets Disputes: The UTSA (Uniform Trade Secret Act) prohibits the misappropriation of trade secrets. Violators face penalties and substantial fines. Trade Secrets Attorney Robert Baskin protects employees and employers involved in these employment disputes.

Whistleblower Laws: Employers are prohibited from retaliating against employees who report to authorities any information about unlawful workplace activity by that employer. Whistleblower Attorney Baskin protects Camarillo workers from this form of illegal harassment or termination.

Workplace Discrimination: Camarillo Employment Lawyer Robert Baskin represents employers and employees involved in cases dealing with age, gender, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and national origin discrimination.

Wrongful Termination: California is an “at-will” state for employees. Even so, employees are protected from wrongful termination if they are fired for informing authorities of illegal wrongdoing, asking for medical and family leave, or asserting other legal rights. Employees in these highly complex matters should contact a Wrongful Termination Attorney for assistance.

Employment Law Attorney for Camarillo | Robert M. Baskin

Employment Lawyer Baskin provides skilled and experienced legal representation to employees and employers who are involved in a wide range of employment disputes. These matters often require many causes of action and are best handled by an aggressive employment law attorney with many years of practice in this area.

Since 1975, the Law Firm of Employment Attorney Robert M. Baskin has zealously fought for the preservation and protection of defendant’s and plaintiff’s rights. With offices located conveniently in Oxnard to serve clients in Camarillo, the Ventura County region, and throughout Southern California, we offer a no-cost initial consultation that includes an in-depth case analysis.

Call Camarillo Employment Attorney Baskin at 805-658-1000 to arrange for your consultation.

Employment Law