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Ventura Eviction Lawyer

Unlawful Detainer Attorney

Welcome to the Law Office of Ventura Eviction Lawyer and Unlawful Detainer Attorney Robert Baskin. We have been representing landlords and tenants in Eviction Disputes in and around Ventura for over 40 years. Ventura Real Estate Lawyer Robert M. Baskin

If you are presently involved in a landlord / tenant dispute regarding Eviction proceedings, contact the Law Office of Ventura Attorney Robert M. Baskin by calling (805) 658-1000 to make an appointment for a comprehensive consultation.  Our Eviction and Unlawful Detainer Lawyers have helped numerous clients resolve these disputes effectively and efficiently, and we are proud to provide vigorous legal representation.

 Located in Ventura, the Law Office of Robert Baskin represents landlords and tenants throughout the region. Call to obtain answers to all of your questions.

The Eviction Process in Ventura

When you need experienced representation in an Eviction / Unlawful Detainer hearing, one of our lawyers can explain the process in its entirety and help ensure that you adhere to all of the required procedures. The law in California assigns specific rights and responsibilities to each party in a landlord / tenant relationship.

If all of the proper procedures are followed by the landlord and the tenant fails to respond, the landlord will automatically regain possession of their property after a court hearing. Should the tenant respond, the court will take each party’s argument under consideration before entering a decision which may result in the tenant winning and being allowed to retain in possession, or losing their right to remain on the property.

A knowledgeable and experienced Ventura Eviction Attorney can help you complete all of the proper paperwork, and will vigorously represent you in all court proceedings.

The Law Office of Ventura Unlawful Detainer Lawyer Robert Baskin has extensive experience helping landlords end tenancies and representing the rights of tenants when their landlords have violated their rights. Although many people try to handle Unlawful Detainers on their own, California’s Eviction Laws are highly technical. Failure for either party to retain an Eviction Lawyer who possesses a thorough understanding of the issues that can unexpectedly arise may result in a negative outcome.

Ventura Eviction Attorney Robert M. Baskin has been working closely with clients to resolve their tenancy disputes since 1975. Let us help you!

Contact a Ventura Eviction Lawyer for a Consultation Today!

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, a Ventura Eviction Attorney and Unlawful Detainer Lawyer from the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin will put their knowledge to work for you! Please contact us at (805) 658-1000 to schedule a comprehensive, in-office consultation.

Proudly serving clients in Ventura and all of the surrounding communities for more than 40 years, we believe in providing the highest level of client satisfaction. We will keep you informed about every development in your Eviction case, and all client communications will be addressed promptly. Call today for answers to all of your questions!