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Santa Barbara Employment Lawyer Robert Baskin

For nearly 40 years, Santa Barbara employment attorneys at The Law Office of Robert M.Moorpark Real Estate Attorney Robert M. Baskin Baskin have provided strong representation to businesses and employees in Southern California. Employment Attorney Robert Baskin and the rest of the firm provide insightful guidance on issues pertaining to family/medical leave, employment discrimination, wrongful termination, whistleblowers, sexual harassment, trade secrets, and similar matters.

To schedule an initial free consultation with a knowledgeable employment law lawyer who can help, dial (805) 658-1000. We will listen to your concerns and explain how the law can help.

Our Santa Barbara employment law attorneys give attentive consideration and tailored legal representation. Client emails and phone calls are returned promptly, and when a new development arises that affects your case, we will notify you in a timely manner.

Employment Law in Santa Barbara, California

Our stellar reputation for resolving legal matters is well deserved. We diligently work to find the most advantageous solution to client concerns in a range of employment law issues:

Reliable Disability Discrimination Lawyer

We offer dependable counsel regarding disability accommodation violations. If the Fair Employment Housing Act has been violated or the Americans with Disabilities Act has not been properly upheld, our Santa Barbara ADA accommodations lawyer or disability discrimination attorney is able to provide a consultation that is confidential and free of charge so you can discuss the issue.

Employment Dispute Attorney

The Santa Barbara employment lawyers at The Law Office of Robert M. Baskin have many years’ experience in a variety of employment law matters:

We are known for our effective representation and successful outcomes. Our Santa Barbara employment dispute lawyers are skilled negotiators as well as powerful litigators. The goal is always to uphold the highest interests of our client and to gain a favorable settlement or judgment by means of our vast experience and knowledge of the law.

Family and Medical Leave Lawyers

If an employee has requested unpaid medical leave or family leave, and the employee has circumstances that qualify, the employer is required to grant it. There are some events for which certain businesses must provide unpaid leave. These events include severe illness, the adoption or birth of a child, and others.

In situations where an employer has violated employee rights, we are ready to provide effective guidance and legal counsel. To discuss an employment dispute situation with one of our family leave violation lawyers, please call our office.

Sexual Harassment Attorney

Our sexual harassment lawyers are strong advocates for the rights of those who have been subjected to this crime. Such behavior is in violation of the law and includes inappropriate touching, suggestive remarks, asking for sexual favors in return for increased benefits or pay, reduction or threatening reduction of benefits or pay in the absence of such sexual favors, and more.

Males and females can perpetrate sexual harassment, and this crime can target workers of the same or opposite sex. If you are currently or have previously experienced this kind of situation at work, contact our sexual harassment lawyers for a consultation and zealous representation.

Hostile Work Environment

A consistently hostile environment at work can affect the productivity, health, and self-esteem of employees. The law upholds the right of every employee to a workplace that is free from discriminatory and harassing behavior. If the environment at your place of work is intimidating, offensive, or abusive, Santa Barbara Attorney Baskin and his team can provide guidance. We also counsel employers accused of such violations.

Trade Secrets Lawyers

Our firm offers representation that can be relied upon in Uniform Trade Secrets Act matters such as theft or misappropriation of trade secrets. If such a dispute seems to be developing, please schedule a no-fee consultation with one of our Santa Barbara trade secrets attorneys.

Whistleblower Attorney

When a worker has knowledge of and decides to report fraud or otherwise unethical activities in which their employer has taken part, this qualifies the worker for the legal protection of whistleblower laws. An employer so accused has no right to retaliate against the reporting worker in any way. This disallows any termination, harassment, reduction in pay/benefits, loss of promotions or advancement opportunities, and more. To discuss the protection whistleblower laws provide and how you may be affected, consult one of our skilled whistleblower lawyers.

Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

With over four decades of experience in employment law, our workplace discrimination attorneys are able to successfully guide clients targeted by illegal workplace practices. By law, employers cannot discriminate against an employee because of disability, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, race, or age. If you have been discriminated against based on a protected factor, please contact our office.

Wrongful Termination Attorney

In California, the law requires that employers comply with specific regulations when terminating an employee. In the event that these regulations are not properly observed, the employer may suffer financial and/or legal consequences. To learn more, one of our Santa Barbara wrongful termination lawyers can provide a consultation. We offer representation to businesses and workers for the full range of wrongful termination situations.

Have you experienced a wrongful termination dispute related to medical leave, family leave, testifying against an employer, unemployment, or a similar matter? We are pleased to help with these cases, including those involving sexual harassment, disability discrimination, whistleblower laws, and all other kinds of workplace discrimination and practices that violate labor laws.

Consult an Experienced Santa Barbara Employment Attorney

To find knowledgeable counsel from a family leave violation attorney or other Santa Barbara employment law attorney, simply contact our employment law firm. Our legal representation is effective and proven in the full scope of employment law disputes.

To make an appointment for a free consultation with a skilled Santa Barbara employment law lawyer, family/medical leave attorney, or ADA accommodation attorney, call (805) 658-1000. Our many decades of experience in employment law enables us to gain positive outcomes for clients.

You may also reach The Law Office of Robert M. Baskin via our case evaluation page. When you submit your completed form, we will review your concerns, contact you to schedule a consultation, and begin working on achieving a successful outcome.