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Family Law

Information Sheet

Family law is a legal practice area focusing on divorce, divorce-related matters. These can also include domestic relations, including child custody, child visitation, spousal support, domestic violence, grandparents’ rights, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. While every family is different, these issues are often emotionally charged, especially in situations involving children. If you are involved in a family law matter, it is important that you understand your rights and obligations before making decisions that could affect you and your family now and into the future.

Family Law Representation

A family law attorney can play a critical role in protecting your rights in divorce and divorce-related cases. The family law lawyers at the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin offer compassionate legal guidance while advocating vigorously for your interests. Our professional team works closely with each client to achieve a resolution in the manner best suited to each case. Sometimes a resolution can be obtained through mediation or settlement. Other cases may require our experienced litigators to take the case to trial.

Family law cases are complex because so many legal issues can stem from a single event, such as divorce. The assistance of a skilled family law attorney ensures your rights are preserved now and into the future. In this way, it may help to relieve some of the stress you feel as you contemplate beginning a new chapter in your life.  

Divorce in California

If you are thinking about divorce in California, or if your spouse has filed for divorce, you may not know there are many ways to reach a resolution. With decades of experience, we strive to help clients end their marriage in the most efficient way possible. A contested divorce may need to be resolved through the family court system. Resolution in an uncontested divorce may be reached through settlement negotiations or divorce mediation. In complex divorces, one spouse may be attempting to hide assets. In these cases, our family law attorneys investigate to uncover marital property. We help clients navigate the entire divorce process, including providing skilled legal representation for matters involving child custody or visitation, child support, spousal support and division of assets and debt.

Community Property Laws Explained

In California, all property that is acquired during the length of the marriage is presumed to belong to both spouses. In the event of a divorce, the law requires marital assets and debt to be equitably distributed to each party. This means all assets must be presented and accurately appraised. In high-asset divorce cases, our legal team conducts an exhaustive discovery to ascertain the size of the marital property. There are exceptions for separate property, which is owned by just one spouse, and in circumstances where property is commingled. An experienced family law attorney can provide skilled guidance in the property division process.

Child Custody after Divorce

Our legal team is highly knowledgeable in matters involving child custody, child visitation, and parenting plans. After a divorce or legal separation, maintaining a positive parental relationship with the children is often the foremost goal of our clients. In California, the law requires a resolution that reflects the child’s best interests. A skilled child custody attorney can guide you through the process to protect your rights while also fighting to achieve a solution that works for your family. Many times, the court will determine a timesharing arrangement so the child can spend time with both parents. Child custody cases also arise when there is a change of circumstances or when a parent is attempting to relocate a child or move the child a long distance from the other parent.

Domestic Violence Issues

California’s domestic violence laws are intended to protect partners, children, and other closely related vulnerable persons. Conflicts in relationships are common, but when it escalates to the point of physical or mental abuse, the law may be able to provide protection for certain individuals. At the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin, our family law lawyers have a unique depth of knowledge in these cases because we represent victims of domestic violence and we also defend those wrongfully accused of domestic abuse. We understand the way these cases are handled in the courts and the way these matters often are part of contentious legal disputes between divorcing parents. An experienced domestic violence attorney can work quickly to protect your rights.

Seeking Assistance from an Experienced Family Law Attorney

If you are involved in any type of family law issue, whether it can be negotiated, mediated, or litigated, contact the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin at (805) 658-1000 and arrange for a legal consultation today. Our legal team brings decades of experience to help you through a wide range of family law matters. We serve clients throughout California with high quality legal services, and we are prepared to fight for your rights.