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Ventura Estate Planning Attorney Robert Baskin

The Law Office of Ventura Estate Planning Lawyer Robert Baskin has been providing intelligent, caring and thorough Estate Planning services to clients throughout the region for more than 35 years.

When the time comes for you to draft a comprehensive Estate Plan, you need a lawyer who will listen to your needs, wants and concerns, and who will work diligently with you to ensure that the Estate Plan we help you devise meets your goals. An attorney with a thorough understanding of Estate Law and the tax consequences can help you maximize protecting your assets, while minimizing tax liability.

Please contact a knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorney at the Law Office of Robert Baskin by calling (805) 658-1000 to schedule an appointment for your free consultation with one of the region’s leading law firms. We want to make sure that you, your loved ones and your beneficiaries are protected in case of incapacity or death. Let us help you design the perfect Estate Plan based on your financial and business concerns.

Estate Planning Lawyer in Ventura

At the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin, you will meet with a skilled Estate Planning Attorney who will thoroughly discuss and review all of your options for preserving andVentura Estate Planning Attorney protecting your assets for future generations.

We have substantial experience utilizing a broad range of Estate Planning techniques, including (but not limited to) the following:  

Advanced Health Care Directive – to inform your physicians and family members about your wishes regarding the type of treatment you will receive in case of catastrophic injury or illness

Business Succession Planning – to ensure that your family business is able to continue uninterrupted upon incapacitation or death

Charitable Trust Planning – to minimize Estate Tax liability and provide funds for any charitable organizations to which you wish to contribute

Asset Protection Trusts – trusts such as Dynasty Trusts to protect your assets from creditors or third party liability

Medi-Cal Protective Trusts – to preserve your assets for your beneficiaries should you become incapacitated or require long-term medical care or nursing home care

Irrevocable Trusts – designed for long-term management of your assets, and also used for purposes of asset protection

Revocable Trusts – trusts which are set up during the grantor’s lifetime and administered for the grantor’s benefit until death, and naming beneficiaries who will benefit upon the grantor’s death. A properly drafted trust can prevent the expensive costs of Probating a Will upon death.

Spendthrift Trusts – a trust that will provide for the care and living expenses of the named beneficiary, and administered by another individual to ensure that the beneficiary will not spend all of the trust assets in a short time period.

Power of Attorney – a document which gives named individuals the ability to manage your affairs and finances in case of incapacity or severe illness.

Wills – a document that will provide for the distribution of assets through the Probate Court upon death. A properly drafted Trust may be executed in place of a Will to avoid the expense of Probating a Will.

A highly knowledgeable Estate Planning Lawyer at the Law Office of Robert Baskin will thoroughly review the advantages and disadvantages of each type of Estate Planning tool. Our goal is always to help our clients create an Estate Plan to protect assets, minimize tax liability, and ensure that your heirs and beneficiaries are provided for properly.

Call a Knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorney in Ventura for a Free Consultation

At the Law Office of Robert M. Baskin, our compassionate and experienced lawyers have been helping clients create comprehensive Estate Plans since 1975. Please contact us at (805) 658-1000 to schedule an appointment for a confidential, complimentary in office consultation with one of our skilled lawyers.

Whether you need to create a medical care directive, set up a trust, draft a will, or obtain information about protecting the assets that you have spent a lifetime working hard to accumulate, we are here to help and want to put our more than 100 years of combined experience to work for you.

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